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Tutorial Series: How to make a Crochet Gown
Tutorial Series: How to make a Crochet Gown shows you step by step how to make one of Damsel in this Dresses signature gowns, you only need basic sewing skills for this project you do not need to know how to crochet. You will learn each step it takes to recreate this dress from high res pictures and step by step instructions. Not only will you be making your very one DITD crochet gown you will also be given the secrets on where to get the items you will need to recreate this spectacular dress.

Have you purchased Secrets of a Self Taught Fashion Designer? For the past several years of being in the fashion industry I have documented the many trials and triumphs that have defined my label and now I have mapped out my journey so other fashion designer hopefuls can learn from my experience, You don’t have to have a college degree or a certificate in fashion, you don’t even have to have lots of dollars in your bank account to be living your dream of fashion design, I’m living proof that you can bypass that and be successful. I want to share my secrets of self taught fashion designer to give you a head start with minimal outlay so you to can start building your own clothing line now! I’m even going to show you step by step how to start your own label show you picture tutorials on how I make my garments so you can either recreate them with your own twist or just learn the gist of my garment making process so you can do it your own way. Let me paint you a picture of my background and how I went from rags to riches from being homeless to living in a 2 million dollar mansion within 3 years with my successful label Damsel in this Dress.